About Silver Lining Custom Sewing

Silver Lining Custom Sewing is a dog coat designer and manufacturer, located in Nova Scotia, Canada where we experience all types of weather! We love being outside with our dogs and don’t want to be limited by the weather. Our coats are easy to put on and they will keep your dog warm, dry, and clean. Quality should never be compromised.

Our product line includes the Double Fleece coat for winter, Silver Lining for fall and spring as well as winter, Rain Coats for rain and windy days, Fleece night shirts for extra warmth or indoor use, Comfy Onesies made of fleece or knit for chilly nights or for under coats on cold walks.

Silver Lining Custom Sewing strives on custom specialty sizes to fit the unique Long & Lean body types of Greyhounds, Whippets, and Italian Greyhounds.